Nasa conspiracy: Was the lunar landing faked? We never landed on the moon hoax

Moon Hoax Theories: We never landed on the moon
There are many conspiracy theories out there and one of the more popular ones is that ” We never landed on the moon “.  Think about it hard and long and see if all of the evidence before you leads you to the conclusion that the moon landing was faked.  Was it to help the cold war with efforts with Russia for space dominance.    Sure I mean there are many reasons we have heard them all the shadows were wrong, the reflections impossible, no stars in the background, the surface was faked.  These are all good reasons but think about it was the lunar landing faked.  Could it be true that we never really landed on the moon!  In 1969 the computer responsible for all the calculations for life or death decisions would have to of been less powerful than commodore 64.  I have to laugh but if my life was being entrusted to a 8 bit machine the size of my bedroom with vacuum tubes chances are I would have to say no on the mission.  Many people have said that the radioactive field around the earth the Van allen radioactive belt would have caused sever health problems.  Damage to both the retina and autonomous nervous system would have been severe causing blindness and long term reflex problems.

I myself have a hard time believing that we were capable of landing and returning from the moons surface in the 60’s when even today we still have not gone to the moon.  The moon hoax seems to be the only real explanation of what could of happened.  Its just too much technological marvel for the 60’s.   Even today if it was so easy to go to the moon, land on it and return why wouldn’t we have done it again.

More cooky ideas.  Now they even say that maybe the moon was a space ship designed by Aliens to observe the development of earth.  The outer surface was disguised with rock and debris but hides the true metallic insides comprised of titanium.   Even these ideas seem to have more truth to them then the idea that we landed on the moon and returned.

More ideas is the video shot when the astronauts returned revealed them to be despondent and embarrassed and ashamed.  Basically this could only be due to the enormous lie they were coached to tell.  There is no doubt that they indeed went into earth orbit, but to say they actually landed on the moon relays a dangerous feet we can’t do even today.   Why doesn’t N.A.S.A find some more people and prove that this can be done once and for all.  And I am not talking about just flying around the moon and back like the X-Wing did I mean actually landing on that puppy walking on the surface re-entering your craft and leaving again.  I am telling you we never landed on the moon exited a craft got back in and returned and we still can’t today.