International Go Topless day

May women will be marching topless down robson in Vancouver this sunday.  As a part of equal rights this day has been selected for women to express their right to walk around shirtless as well as men.  This will get many reactions out of local residents but it is legal for woman as well as men to go topless in Vancouver, BC.  It is said that women are treated differently than men when they are topless and hopefully with the added exposure this will change.  Excuse the bad pun.  The go topless day Vancouver Parade will start at 1pm sunday August, 28th 2016 at Safeway at Robson and Bidwell and end at 2:30pm  at the art gallery at Robson and Hornby.  Many people on Facebook are chatting about how women are treated when they go topless.  The fact that women are looked down for sunbathing topless is wrong and this event will demonstrate that.
The men are asked to wear a X on there nipples to demonstrate how differently woman are treated topless.  This event is said to be originated by The Raelians which are a cult that believe aliens created human beings.  You would think that this was a feminist organization that created it but no.  So don’t be surprised if you see a UFO theme this Sunday.  While this is a international event locally it will be taking place in Vancouver at Robson and Bidwell at 1PM which is where you need to be tomorrow if you wish to participate.  I hope everyone gets a eye full but I can imagine men will be men we just want to see boobs.  I don’t think we will come away with anything other than this at the end of the event.  I doubt more women will be walking about topless just because its legal after this event.  However I bet us guys will be all for that.  Popular questions?
Where do I go to participate in the go topless day event?
*Robson and Bidwell at 1pm Sunday August 28th 2016.
Well enjoy.

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