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robert_countessDr. Robert Countess  – While opinions are like well you know the phrase everyone has one.  Pay no attention to how many times I like using the word while.  According to another search Rob works at the Comox Valley Mental Health & Substance Abuse office and St. Joseph’s hospital in Comox, BC.  Here is a small quote from another website.

He actually suggested that I default on my student loans because he felt I shouldn’t bother trying to improve my circumstances through more education. He’s a dangerous imbecile. Try to avoid if at all possible especially if you are female.  Full article here

Unfortunately while being saddled with this doctor I have had the misfortune of a diagnosis to a mental illness.  This in itself isn’t bad but being committed because of it unable to leave hospital except on (extended leave) is very annoying.  I have had a run in with hospitals but I have never been committed and forced to take medication for one event that no Dr. even seen.  Prescribing drugs for another event too is quite foolish.  I wonder if the good doctor uses search engines?

I wish he would search [ Alcohol induced Psychosis].  This is very different from a Psychotic break.  If he does in fact work at the Health and Substance abuse office he should know that people can do some dumb things after excessively drinking.   Now I am not talking about 4 beer or something like that but I am talking serious drinking.  I think just guessing here but 14 – 17 drinks would be a good rule of thumb when diagnosing alcohol induced psychosis.  A person could even here voices after that much.  Not that this silly pigeon hole phrase leads to a diagnosis.

While personally having very little to do with my own doctor except being forced to take {Paliperidone} every month now.  While 17 years ago when I had a alcohol induced psychosis I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.  Now I believe alcohol was to blame.  I am not a big drinker now but at one time I was.  Not to say I haven’t had way too much in 17 years but I am by no means an alcoholic going months without even having a drink at times.

It seems the more information you share with Dr. Rob Countess the more he seems to use against you with RCMP.  I don’t like this doctor and share the similar opinion as the previous poster that he is in fact arrogant.   This might have to do with many things, perhaps his height?  Insecurity complex?  Which is a strange problem to have for a psychiatrist.   I notice he has a low profile on the internet.  No pictures in the archives no reviews about practice other than the one bad one I found.  Perhaps he tries to keep a low profile online.  Wow are we ever different, I put everything out there and love getting any reaction from people.   I really believe any reaction is a good one.  Unless your the 15-20 girls at table 1 and 8 boys at table 2 at the bar I went to the other night you might observe sociological problems with this town.  I have gone to many bars before but that was the first elementary school I entered.  Perhaps the small seating too makes us relive our school days.  Funny when I searched for robs name I found multiple lady gaga pictures perhaps he’s a fan like me.  No one likes a person that refuses to change there opinion either sometimes you really have to know at some point patients have to leave the hospital forever.  I don’t wish to be committed eternally I hope I get a new doctor sooner than later.  In order to treat schizophrenia you actually have to display traits of unorganized thinking first the assumption of second hand information wrongly disseminated through police archives over the past 17 years is really wrong.  Of course extreme exaggerations were very evident having him read them back to me at a review panel.  I have never been so viciously attacked by exaggerated lies like that in my life.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Countess: Comox, BC – Psychiatrist”

  1. What a jerk Dr. Robert Countess is! Many people are saying he doesn’t listen to his patients. I can confirm this. This guy is dangerous! Stay away! He probably drives a jacked up 4×4 to compensate too. He really is your typical male posturing egocentric type personality with mania.

  2. Wish I had read this before I saw mr countess!
    What an ignorant jerk
    Never once could look me in the eye
    Never stopped talking
    Never listened to anything
    I got up to leave ” count backwards by7’s
    Does not agree with BENZOdiazopine withdrawals
    Says only a few days
    Such bullshit
    I have had clonazapam for 17 years
    I know withdrawal
    He says I should continue them
    Take away memory he says
    Prescribed more drugs
    Holy shoot

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