Everyone is entitled to a few mistakes

I don’t think anyone has ever failed this test.  Some days might be harder than others.  Why is it happening though one might ask.  Mistakes are few and far between for some of us that have it all.  How do we become a person that has it all though?  What makes some us make less mistakes than others.  Perhaps you might see 3 people laying down on the concrete in front of you and you began to see through a fresh set of eyes.  Why do things happen?  Why do people get followed?  You might consider spying as something distasteful as myself but it does happen.  Of course there is a difference between just being there and actively going out looking to spy on people.  Of course saying this isn’t going to stop it though spying happens all too frequently.  We put a nice face on spying at times to try and make us think that its all for the greater good.  But when people spy on the same person over and over and over again you can’t help feel a bit attacked at times.   I know I don’t want to be attacked ever again since I have been in the past.   That sucks.  As well pressing charges, I never really understood that phrase since doing so is simply a court issue.  We all do things we regret at times but the goal is to learn from our mistakes.  Beware people that don’t learn from there mistakes in life though.  Youth is a great thing but its wasted on the young.  I just wish my leg didn’t hurt its just not healing up for some reason and I am getting worried.  You really don’t appreciate your health till its gone.

I think spying is the most distasteful thing you can do to a person, and when the same person is spied on so bad its almost to be expected you have to ask yourself.  Do you really think its done to better the world or just to aggravate the person being spying on.  I think spying is one of the things I find the most disturbing in life.  We all have the right to expect a certain level of privacy in life.  Unfortunately I see spying as a immature behavior and think I always will.

There is no 007 or Jason Bourne in real life and we sometimes forget that these things aren’t cool but a distasteful and illegal activity.  I guess it depends why the spying is done though and at what level.  Oh snap there I go sounding just like something a spy would say.

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