Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‬‬: Hermione Granger, Emma Watson

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‬‬: Hermione Granger, Emma Watson
Well there is a new Harry Potter play out and most popular of all searches gotes to Emma Watson’s character Hermione Granger.   I bet there are many fans that were just waiting on baited breath for this new play to come out.  Of course there will probably be another two movies soon since the last deathly hallows in 2007.  Its been quite some time since the last movie but I am sure we can expect this.  While I might be wrong based on how successful the last was I can imagine this will happen.
J.K. Rowling with part 1 and part 2 has left lots of material for the movies as well Warner Bros. has trademarked merchandise for sale for the cursed child.  While it it currently just a stage play there is no movie so far been announced but can’t help us for wishful thinking.  The play keeps selling out so its popularity is definitely not in question.  I wonder if we can expect Hermione Granger to bring in the fans with a new movie.  We should place bets on this.  It would be interesting to see Voldemort after being defeated 10 years or so ago return I’m sure but I don’t want to spoil this for you.  You can’t expect Hollywood to bring all the characters back for a reunion because that rarely happens.  But if you want to buy harry potter and the cursed child you will have to settle for the book.
Until then all of us that would rather watch the movie can just sit and wait.  You never know crosses fingers.

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