Rapper / (Military) Kasper Knight Shoots himself in the face

Self proclaimed military veteran and rapper Kasper Knight shoots himself in the face for a music video.  Many things have been done to make their videos go viral but shooting yourself has to be something a bit over the edge.  Kasper Knight shot himself in the face on camera and is now being investigated by police.  Before pulling the trigger he claimed he didn’t care about anything anymore and if I die I die.  He said, ” A bullet to the face will take me to a whole other place. “.
After taking the shot it would appear that Kasper had swallowed the bullet.  Many viewers of the video said the act was dumb but they did view it.  Kasper had hopes of getting a record deal after the incident and got stitches in the hospital after the act.  Kasper had plans of getting famous with the act and seems to have succeeded after millions have viewed the video.
My opinion on this is I wish people wouldn’t hurt themselves or risk the safety of others with these types of stunts. We have all watched many things like johnny knoxville and are amused by people hurting themselves on camera. I never could really watch many of these videos that go for hours of footage of different ways to get hurt but this video I did watch. I am sure there are a lot less painful ways to get famous but shock value does go viral and many people have searched to watch kasper knight shoot himself online. Well I hope no one does anything like this again its dangerous and no one needs to get hurt to get famous. As well know there might be legal charges so it to me seems like a lot of pain for some temporary gain. Whats your opinion leave a comment and tell me what you think of the video of kasper knight shooting himself in the face.

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