How dangerous is smoking cigars vs. cigarettes?

I have written a bit in the past regarding smoking.  I don’t think that the occasional cigar is as dangerous as cigarettes.  There are lots of chemicals added to regular smokes not found in cigars.  Some chemicals found in cigarettes not found in cigars.

  • carbon monoxide
  • arsenic
  • ammonia
  • hydrogen cyanide
  • acetone
  • butane
  • ddt
  • formaldehyde
  • sulfuric acid
  • cadmium
  • freon
  • methoprene
  • maltitol
  • Benzene *Cancer Causing*

Nicotine , Tar and Carbon Monoxide would have to be the most toxic of these found in the cigarettes but why do they have it?  That’s the question you might ask yourself and that’s addictive properties.  They found that adding ammonia increased the addictive properties of cigarettes in the 70’s.  Cigars have a very decreased amount and in some cases none of the previous poisons with the exception of tar and carbon monoxide.  Of course I am not saying that having a cigar is good for you but it is of significant less health risk in the short term than cigarettes.
Why do I still crave a good cigar though?  Sure they are unhealthy and horrible and stinky but what is the reason for this craving.   Some think its the smell that is addictive and others think its the smoke itself that make people crave it.  I am not a cigar smoker but for some reason it just keeps weighing on my mind.  I keep thinking to myself just one cigar it won’t hurt me just have one but that’s how it starts doesn’t it.  One leads to two then three than I need one a week then one every day then next thing you know its all over for me and I am green and sick.  Lets hope this doesn’t have to happen.  I am a good man I don’t need to be afflicted with addiction to curb some continual repressed and deep seeded subtle hidden pressure to but a cigar.  Or am I week and need one.  I have probably had 8 or so cigars in my life and its not too late for me.  I know what your thinking.  Its all over for me isn’t it I’m hooked.  Its been months since I had a cigar but I am still thinking about it.  Omg that’s how it starts isn’t it.  Maybe I am hooked maybe 8 cigars in my life is the number that exponentially goes to 8 a week in days.  Why me, Why me, I’m too young to smoke.  What about the cardiac pulmonary side effects!  Next thing my blood with get thick like molasses.  I’ll fight the urge and everyone you help me!  Pray for me the evil cigar doesn’t get the better of me.

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