So much for our best and the brightest we have to offer

I am sure everyone wants the best life has to offer.  A question people don’t ask enough is ” What or Who gives? “.  Perhaps you have to be real for a second and ask this no matter what town you live in.  I have asked this question a lot of times to the wrong people perhaps.  When people get sick of trying to get a job and feel they just aren’t good enough they might turn to a undesirable source.  The employer of last resort.

The government division that protects our safety and property.  I can’t believe there are nearly 4000 people ready to mobilize across Canada willing to give even their lives at times for people and property.  Think about it.  How would you feel about someone that is forced to obey another human beings request to perhaps even die to protect another person or property.  I am not making fun of anyone but I hate the concept.  I would want to know that I was jeopardizing my life for something so special and Godly that this thought was even possible to start with.  How special would you have to be to ask another human to die for your possessions or life.  I believe all lives are precious and the same value but the employer of last resort has to prioritize life itself and property.  I honestly would hate to have to make that decision.  But in a flash they have to its there job.  How would I prioritize life itself.  Wouldn’t everyone with a family be more valuable?  Would the smartest strongest most attack resistant human being be more or less valuable.  What is the net effect of prioritizing the strongest element in battle as the least important to minimize casualties.

You have to wonder about how this is done.

I would like to be a fly on the wall of the generals of the USA and base commanders of Canada as they asses this threat.  Would you protect a high value hard target more or less because of its survivability and at what point will the target expire because of extra usage.

A picture speaks a 1000 works its why I have none.

A commander really does have to worry about the next time someone might run into HQ and threaten his or her life.

My observation is that people really don’t care and when it comes to the employer of last resort this gets depressing.  People can break down and do a variety of things for money if that’s what they need to survive.  People use people as well and that can make up the majority of what the battlefield would consist of.  What I can’t understand is why the oldest most frail weak minded and wealthy would be considered the highest protection.  If someone has lived a long life and rich and abusive why would we give the most attention and wealth to them.  They obviously have a track record of not sharing.  But according to this they need the most attention and constant care.

Suicide statistics is what I am concerned with.  If these older more valuable targets are most important how come they offer nothing.  I don’t expect to be deemed a undesirable component of MY TEAM because I share too much.  But that is actually what happens.  The more you share the more likely you are to be subject to evaluation by your superiors.  Amazing thought.  It really doesn’t prove that the more you do the more likely you are to die.  Its unfortunate that we place such high priorities on the weakest links.  Eventually the youngest components might slip up due to the stress of having to do everything and being rewarded fractions of what the weakest do.

Think about it.

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