You can’t beat a proven performer

Why compete? Everyone dreams of being the next golden oldy rocker with millions of fans that has arenas just waiting for his or her approach. But what of us people that are just normal. I’m not with the band. Why do I dream of this so much? I am not just doing nothing though. I try promoting myself but that costs money. You can’t make people buy your books they have to want to. I guess you could if you were a library but I doubt that will happen for me. But why don’t people tell me what I need to know. You know the existing authors tell me how they did it and what they had to do to get paid. If you’re reading this and a author that regularly sells books and gets commissions please leave a comment let me know.
What’s the trick to becoming a proven performer making millions of dollars with adoring fans that just love to give you money. Obviously we all could learn something from other authors that have best selling books. Just looking to pick up a few extra book sales. I wonder what topics are most popular. I like memoirs myself since they are real stories about real people’s lives. Proven performers make money through advertising I think the most but I am unsure. I don’t know any famous people. I wonder if you have to give to charity after a certain amount of money earned. Perhaps its the tax incentive that makes donating to charity so appealing. There is the spin off I guess as well as more advertising and such. If your interested in purchasing Nowhere Near Perfect by Kevin Katovic be sure to buy a copy. Tell me what you think. Or if you think maybe the cost is just a bit out of your price range you could easily donate via my paypal link on my website. Everyone likes coffee. I use to like to keep someone alive! But then I found it was much to difficult.