Keep it simple stupid

People like to overcomplicate a easy process.  Don’t become a person that makes things look tougher than it needs to be.  There comes a point in a person’s life when simplicity is needed.  Eventually boys become men and tire of the struggle of youth.  We don’t need to call a man a boy when the truth is no one can deliver on the truth.  Men in particular like things to get easy at some point after they have sown there proverbial oats.

What’s left? This is a animated backflip for you designed for RBC.

We all can’t go back in time and become F-16 fighter pilots and undergo rigorous screening and testing.  We can as adults though cherish every minute life offers us.  Don’t be inhibited by others.  I might sound like that sunscreen song right now but I am in fact being serious.  Help others help yourself.  There is nothing more irritating to men in particular than watching women both young and old hiding lies they tell each other.

Moderately racist?  How about pragmatist.  How about realitist.  How about example after example list. It’s true that women love hiding life.  Bank accounts, children, the list never gets shorter.  Women just seem to have this insatiable need to hide stuff.  Keep it.  Seriously keep it.  Then when your done taking it, take some more.  Now when I am hurting bleeding and can’t give anymore, what the heck take more.  Now when I am 96 hours without sleep, dead tired, no bed, hungry, pay a bit attention to what I actually need.  I guess we need to keep it simple.

I need all the things a man my age requires.  Unfortunately to be honest I’m tired of being married.  I’m sorry but your going to get cold and die.  It’s not my fault.  You will now get dementia because you will not have anyone with a brain to talk about anything with.  Its all my fault.  I’m sorry.  Your dying you really are.  Perhaps some of the millionaire relatives could spare some gas money and visit you more to keep you from dying when I leave.  We need to keep our lives simple.  Ignore ignorant relatives that don’t matter.  They never did in the first place they aren’t going to start now.  Oh yeah and I hope the new flooring at the canoe gets cheaper.

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