If you were a double breasted nuthatch

Nuthatch PedoBears Back!
Nuthatch PedoBears Back!

You might think this combination of word might not be possible.  Sure it is I seen both white, yellow, purple and green nuthatches wearing this suit. I’ll try not to get too jealous of all the other double breasted nuthatch’s. There is nothing to talk about what do you suggest well the blog is called kevinkatovic.com so maybe I should talk about kevin katovic? Too obvious? Is there other kevin katovic’s that get steady commission checks I should consider suing? Sometimes I think it’s the NSA’s job to be retarded and if they don’t find some way of sending subtle audio signals they just might not exist. How many people get money in Canada from the NSA I wonder if anyone has some numbers for me. Please leave a comment if you know. Would people really try and put someone in prison just because all the criminals think they deserve someone else’s income. Really I think we know what needs to be done here. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s the RCMP that keep finding my book unaffordable since they don’t ever pay for anything. While they’re at it they might consider some old towing charges from 1997-1999. Too bad we can’t just sue people eh. It would be so easy. Maybe that’s why the interest in me. Buy the book guys. You deserve it. Opinion’s are just that neither good nor bad and everyone’s got them. Just because some have to be paid for doesn’t mean you can insult someone and steal the rights to a unpopular opinion. Any way I’ll stop complaining when at least one person pays for something and stops playing games with me. Give up looking for crimes guys the only crime in these books is the crime people are somehow reading them and not paying for them. The crime really is reading them. Unless you buy them of course come on make my day. Do it the right way.

So anyway the ponzi schemed nuthatch CSHD is selling amazon logs. You might remember me talking about the amazon logs when it was FHAL. And if 100 celebrities are already reading it and criminals and judging me why are they celebrities. Are all celebs criminals. Is celebrity status designed to steal real fame from people that are popular because everyone is stealing from them. Is this really what’s possible. How do you guys and gals get away with it. Maybe it’s time you read 50 Shades of Pay. Stop irritating me if your stupid. Honestly if being a entrepreneur was the problem here then how the hell do I become stupid and rich like the ones reading this already. Dust the Government should be the next title. What the hell it seems they control all the corruption already. Why does the government think they can just take my cash anytime they want. I just don’t understand. Maybe that’s the problem.  Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong trying to get paid enough money to live like all the seniors lavishly in the Comox Valley, BC.  Do you have to be dying or near death to deserve over two thousand a month?  And while we are at it home come the only males that are working are 20-30  and 50-65  surely we are failing somewhere in this hidden job market.

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