Ghayal once again under 19 cricket world cup Twenty20 Sri Lanka

Twenty20 Sri Lanka
I’ll be right back – Twenty20 Sri Lanka or Surrey

Why oregon is most interested in the Twenty20 Sri Lanka U19 Team beats me.  You would think interest in the World Cup would be more of a New York thing. Should you watch the cricket match or the movie.
Ghayal Once Again the movie stars Sunny Deol.  This movie of course is in Hindi and very popular in india at the moment.  Children under the house of Bansal were tortured and who wouldn’t want to see that.  That’s blockbuster material written all over it.  This is a action movie and must see from oregon apparently.  I am sure this should be more popular in Dubai you would think well who knows.  I wonder if we can measure that?
Also the Sri Lanka cricket team is getting popular I use to watch them all the time at the Bell Centre in Surrey, BC.   T20 made a particular disturbing loss last year and well fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again.  This squad had prepared many videos but I have no idea how to play them at the moment.  You’re going to need more bandwidth, I wonder if they have this on netflix.  Well I guess I should get back to watching the videos.
I just need this audio to stop and a life mate and I will be fine.  And two Howlers maybe three.  Or I could get 50 Howlers or Growlers oh snap deposit.  I forgot the deposit.  I will get right on that.  I hate to just pack up and leave when everything is depressing but that’s just the way it is.  Don’t ruin my life guys win do some damage this time.  What a depressing game.  I don’t know if I should be watching this movie or this soccer game.  Either way football’s football.

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