Buy QUIET, by Susan Cain Best Seller

Buy Quiet Susan Cain
Quiet by Susan Cain

Susan Cain is slowly but surely becoming a more popular Author.  Having made the New York Times Best Sellers list her book Quiet is now a household name.  Personally I think the discussing on introverts and extroverts could be thought provoking but not in the Bar Environment as much.  Non-Fiction really is one of the most difficult type of book to become a best seller and good for your Susan you met the top!

I think its wonderful you got a Sunday Book review right on this is the pinnacle of writing echelon.  I am sure we are slowly breaking the introverts out of there shell on this.  While I consider myself a extrovert I am on the other end of the scale.  I would like to read this book and would never pretend to read anything I haven’t.  Why I even read Southern Lights not too long ago.  I also read 50 shades of grey.

Quiet isn’t a romance novel but I am thirsty for some non-fiction and more statistical analysis of human interactions.  I hope Susan Cain sticks around and her popularity continues after all its the recognition all authors dream of.  I think the theme is wonderful as I want to quiet my mind from the sounds of the complicated world.  This definitely is on my books to pick up.  ” And extroverts should learn to sit down and shut up. ” , well why not create a environment conducive to this very thing.  I think I know of a place.  Why make the extrovert uncomfortable is this the key to quiet self introspection and improvement?  I can’t think about anything when I am uncomfortable when I am in pain I focus on the pain.  Sad but I think I need some serious mental meditation before I’m ready to introvert in some environment.  I would guess there are many more women that are introverted than men but again I am speculating.  “””This widening of the definition makes introversion so broad a category, including, basically, all that is wise and good, that it’s largely meaningless, except as yet another vehicle for promoting self-esteem: “”a very empowering lens through which to view your personality,”” as Cain puts it.”””  I have no hard evidence.

I really don’t know how to interpret the review of her book while already wildly popular.  I think its interesting the usage of POD which can be militaristic in nature which leads me to believe she might have lived in a military family or environment.  “This widening of the definition makes introversion so broad a category”.  I would not consider my opinion as being misogynistic but I agree with this reviewer.  A horrible thing to say without actually buying the book.  However I do have plans to buy Quiet by Susan Cain and read it for myself.  Anything non-fiction in my humble opinion outweighs anything fictional since being yourself and actually having a opinion about anything is a strong willed extroverted thing to do.  Which in my opinion makes it slightly a ironic title.   But don’t take my word for it as I have yet to read it.


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