Popularity contest Hilary Duff or Lady Gaga

There is no shortage of famous people in the USA that’s for sure.  I think there is a great deal of Canadians that think in order to live there you have to be rude ignorant and rich.  Forgive me for pointing this out but without taking sides I must ask why is this trending?

Let’s be lethargic, rash and opinionated about the analyzation of the facts and how to measure how popular a person is.  Web traffic is one way to measure that but unfortunately we have no metrics as non search engine employee’s.  First figuring out a good metrics  to measure fame or popularity is necessary.  Again I’m reaching out here leave a comment and let me know if you think I missed something.  There are some tools available like public web counters on websites but when it comes to fame this usually isn’t available.

I am sure California would have to be the place to measure fame.  The popular Starbucks might be a place to see how often people talk about stars.  Perhaps there is the same old same old people talking about fame.  Why does the thought of becoming loved on sight among total strangers fascinate some of us.  Why do current famous people hate competition?  I am not getting away from the question though who is more popular?  I have never been to California so I have no idea with my little experiences how popular celebrities are.  I have gone to Starbucks before though and thought I seen a famous person but what would they be doing on Vancouver Island, BC.  This makes no sense.

Any ideas how to measure fame?  If famous people keep measuring or making their best effort to measure someone’s fame is that a indicator?  I have made previous posts regarding Steph before however this is my first post comparing her web traffic to Hilary Duff’s .  There are popular programs on television like TMZ maybe that’s a good way to measure this.  I haven’t heard anything on TMZ for a while regarding GaGa.  I believe I saw her fall awkwardly into the back of a car with some weird audio in the background.  I saw a red carpet and it look like she might of tripped.  However I haven’t seen Hilary on TMZ however I did see her on the CHEW and I think ELLEN but I might be wrong.  I have seen Ellen for awhile.

A better question is who is less creepy.  I myself if you can imagine have been called “Creepy”.  This isn’t about me though!  I would never attempt to take someone’s spotlight off them.  Hilary Duff however does have some books as well that might increase her popularity.  I don’t know if Lady GaGa’s books are all that original or actually her own works.  OMG did I really say that?  Heaven forbid.  Lady GaGa seems to me like she would be a better writer for articles like penthouse or playboy but one of those have changed a lot.  Well good luck measuring these fame monsters on the search scene.

5 thoughts on “Popularity contest Hilary Duff or Lady Gaga”

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