Zika virus infects the internet with W18 drug message

Zika W18 Virus
Zika W18 Virus

I sure hope I don’t get the virus wrong on this one maybe it is Zika.  I did the best I could with such short notice.  According to CSEC the malicious code was written after the discovery of a medical virus.  The African continent is said to have originated the transmission.  The transmission of the virus can be through sexual contact as well as from mother to child.

The computer message seemingly java drops the virus into computers and causes a repetitive pop up message.  The pop up message contains information about the W18 drug.  The W18 drug is said to be hundreds of times more powerful than morphine.  As the message indicates how you contracted the virus and where to go to actually get the w18 drug which numbs the pain of the message.  As soon as your out in a drug like state you can appreciate the hack much better.  This is very popular drug now.  Here’s how to get it.  The zika virus code infects computers.

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