How to "Run the trap" a DJ's claim to fame


I’m sure there is many versions of “Running the trap” both for male and female DJ’s.  It really is a lost art.  But talking about it and warning people too much might be why now as a AUTHOR I have lost my charm.

Definition:  A elaborate party or special occasion where the audience and entertainment can get easily confused which might involve winning a celebrity or their BANK ACCOUNTS!  Some horrible versions of this involve a release , jail and a enormous windfall of money.  In its truest form it should be fast and hardly noticeable.

Used in a sentence:  Johnny ran the trap for two years but in the end he knew where he was going.

Trap music:  Again this is confusing I believe trap music is the lyrics to a song that the audience which is difficult to see or tell hears.  Some believe its heavy base and metal.

The Legend or Icon:  Every trap has one make sure its not a bastard.

The bastard:  The guy that steals all the money doesn’t deserve any and is on the run for his life when caught.  Try not to have any bastards only malevolent icons or rockers.

The call for help:  You never seen her get over it and yeah I steal kinda.

The Steal: Losing your talent.  The art of not being the DJ the Icon or Rocker yet still getting the girl or guy!  Sometimes there is more than one in the band.

The band:  Debatable at the best of times yes hurry up.

The Genius: Doesn’t run the trap.  The DJ always does but the genius has a part in getting the right girls or guys heavily disguised to either not be noticed or noticed.  The genius also does not get to see any unwrapping of the presents or wrapping of them.

The Threat
The Threat

I hope I am not ruining this for you.  I LOVE YOU.  Any way I never noticed that time and OLD lady will show up eventually to rescue you at a coffee shop.  Hey your not the music industry!  Sometimes.

Closure:  That’s when the door finally eternally closes FOREVER and they throw away the key.  Now you might get a mixed feelings of relief it’s over, intense joy or happiness, regret that you will never have another choice, and lastly imprisonment of your affection or love FOREVER.  These feelings all happen at the same time though at the end.

The Plush Threat:  A murderer hiding in a cute adorable plush toy is optional.  I don’t like running a threat of any kind but the threat also could be the loss to another woman or man.

In a sentence:  DJ snake ran a trap and tricked it out by running a threat.

The F off:  Hopefully this won’t show up. The F off is usually a disgruntled dj that regardless of popularity wants to control everyone and shuts it all down.  It could be because they don’t get what they want or due to there ideals and lifestyle that is unpopular.

Too cool:  That one guy or gal that likes cliche’ traps so much he or she has to use the F off cuz its not safe anymore.  This isn’t because he or she doesn’t get what he or she wants.

Used in a sentence:  DJ MO ran a trap with a legend and quickly got the steal and closure but had to dump it with a too cool.