What makes Surrey, BC the murder capital of North America?

I know how this sounds awful right. But there is just the perfect storm of reasons why surrey, bc canada has the highest amounts of murder suspects in all of North America. I am not a criminal investigator or participate in investigations but I do study trends and statistics of crime on occasion. I have been the recent victim of many crimes lately resulting in the lost of thousands of dollars. What surrey needs is to sit down and read a good novel by J.D. Robb brotherhood in death.  By making this obvious I had hoped that the people responsible for their lack of care and hurtful ways would change. Unfortunately I am starting to realize that this is in fact impossible. People can get stuck in there ways and believe that their current actions need repeating to acquire the most money. I am not suggesting that the government is the most honest either or the worst but they have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines. I consider myself to be blessed. I have found jealousy and spite to affect my life in unexpected ways however. I think I have discussed sadism in my previous posts at times. Sadism is the act of causing pain or suffering willfully to watch and take pleasure in the hurt of others. A sadistic person will take pleasure in the suffering of others. This doesn’t mean they are beyond help however. Unfortunately the only way to treat some of these worst cases is relocation and rehabilitation. If you can’t take away the ability of the person to cause pain to the same people they currently hurting it becomes impossible. What is most disturbing to me is the fact lots of people get paid to hurt others and enjoy it. I am not complaining last thing I want to become is another statistic.
But back to topic what makes surrey, bc the perfect place to commit murder. The topic while gruesome and disturbing has to be analyzed to prevent it. Understanding why people would participate in Surrey, BC is obvious to me. They get away with it the most. Simply put murder in Surrey, BC seems to go on the most with little to no public acknowledgement. We don’t hear about all the murderers which are caught in Canada. Murder is disturbing. In the military WE try to put a nice face on the act of securing property. Anything can be done in the act of securing property. Obviously if some crazy moron is running around stabbing people I can see while in self defense someone might retaliate with murder in the same fashion. But how many times would someone actually be prepared for a knife attack with a knife on hand as well. This is the problem. Crazy people seem to be prepared for other crazy people to ensure death is a possible outcome. Controlling the behavior with marshal law in case of war should be the only time where this could even be possible. I hope there are no wars going on I don’t know about.
Could the act of murder be a racial problem? It really sounds horrible doesn’t it. This stirs the pot a lot doesn’t it. Am I suggesting that anyone that is chinese, muslim, egyptian, or hindu be more prone to murder? I don’t have enough facts to make that a intelligent sentence. I do know that murder might have some cultural links and that more women are victims of murder than man in some cases. I can give you a example of where the pickton murders breaks the mold of murder. This proves that white caucasian men are just as likely murder suspects as any other race or creed. But why Surrey, BC? Well I’m so glad you asked. Surrey, BC is extremely large and its diversification of race as well as remote rural areas make it a safe haven for criminals. Surrey, BC is nearly impossible to secure due to the impossibly large area and poor housing structures designed to separate us from the standard safe home environment. Basically that’s the problem with Surrey, Bc itself. Poor city planning. By encouraging only multi-family dwellings with little to no work to support single family development this has made zoning impossible.
Since the cost of living in a home forming a relationship and engaging in marriage and creating a family has been made increasingly difficult the ramifications have now become obvious. Your psychologically damaging your people with the very lay out of the city. Why has it become so expensive to live in Langley, BC? City Planning has everything to do with the problem with your people. Foreign investment will keep owning more and more of our cities unless something is done with lending to local companies to ensure enough single family dwellings are available. The fact Surrey, BC is so close to the US Border again makes it impossible to resist for the criminal looking to do something shady and escape to the USA. Obviously border control is your best line of defense against this behavior. We need people that have unlimited resources, power and control where there trust is undeniable since the world has become so dangerous.  I would be lying if I suggested that the only defense against murder is god himself.  The ability or capability to commit the act of murder itself is the only thing one can do to prevent it.  Some of the most violent murders have been done in the name of god.  Their is no difference.  Murder from a godless person is just as disturbing as one from a god fearing person.  But you get enough psychics in a room and man I’m telling you sometimes you got to wonder why.  Murder in self defense shouldn’t even involve jail-time in my opinion but who cares what I think.  Ask god.

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