I have something very important to say about growlers

I’m still alive and trying to be a contributing part of this community.  I realize it can be insulting to some of you or even disturbing when I make the effort to communicate.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that I think any less of you for your efforts to respond.  I am currently reading the Southern Lights it’s a wonderful book about something I’m just not sure what.  I am also reading The Growler Volume 01 Issue 04 a wholesale distributors list for all of British Columbia.  I just finished off the growler.  I hope my efforts aren’t all in vain.  I enjoy making every effort to long term sustainable employment in the Comox Valley, BC but realize its just a way of life.  If your not use to the way things work in this town you might never find work.  Each one of these brewers in the entire of B.C. have the same theme pretty much from what I can tell.  They are wholesale distributors and not open to the public yet they are.  After being banned from:

  • The flying canoe pub
  • The avalanche
  • The Roy Town Pub
  • Fluids Bar and Grill
  • The Highwayman Pub

I started noticing the same BMO theme.  Regardless of this either being a criminal or police state which are both lawless I have to ask you all this question.  Do you understand?  Beer is to be purchased in a liquor store and consumed in the privacy of your own home responsibly and legally.  Keep a eye on growler sizing too.
However these are paid establishments which don’t seem to want any business what so ever since BMO seems to only be able to understand and talk to BMO.  The rest of us silly banks with real money in it will just have to sit on the side lines for this to work itself out.  I really do feel at times that my entire town is sitting at the dead frog drinking with me in my isolated community.  The town is NOWHERE pop.1 near the Zoo because its easy for her to find.  You have a tendency of wasting my time relocating me for 2-4 days work.  Allow me the pleasure of wasting yours.

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