Thank god for small miracles

When was the last time you saw a miracle.  Where there is nothing going on someone extraordinary will always come up allot.  I don’t mean just silly miracles like a piece of bread that  toasted in a exact likeness of Jesus Christ either.  I am curious make a blog comment and let me know the last miracle you’ve seen.  I won’t try and certify the miracle like Vatican either or if you’re with jesus right this moment and feel that talking to me will lessen your holiness don’t bother.  Isn’t that the way it is though the more people believing the same thing and vouching for its authenticity the more people try and stop a good thing.  We aren’t just a bunch of pitiful dying old man here willing to believe anything either.  Share your miracles!
I want to, but its wrong so wrong.  I need more intelligence please someone for the love of God tell me who owns these 80000 books.
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