Breaking down Albanian Spies Secrets to protect

Does your field work or do you field work.  Either way I’m a intelligent man willing to learn anything except the genocide of a species of well wishers to secure a number.  Woman and men can both wish to harm a fellow when it’s learn’t that a potential fantasy account is under investigation.  Well who better to know than stupid dishes.  I will never become shit sandwiches which is the only thing I can eat without being shot to death buy an ignorant people regardless of ignorance.   Ever see two dumb babies arms?  The fantasy to me is people that love bringing my name up only for comparison yet never completing on any transactions.  Hence the stupidity of giving someone in a position that should be helping me only crippling my ability to spend.  No human being on earth deserves this.
If you learn a place of sickness it will remain a place of sickness and if you spread a disease of ill minds trying to get you to believe something you will end up in Africa eventually.  I know I’m telling you that’s how she does, she does, she does that is how she does, gets you killed that is.  Buy the book.  Invading someones privacy is just that, invading, there privacy.  I am the definition of too much information too fast.  That doesn’t mean you have to try and kill me to prevent me from learning which is a woman’s Perogee tive.  This is just another way stupid people can get you out of the picture.  Currently (Under Investigation).  This is the saddest form of ignorant criminal behavior the intentional learning of things that eventually a ignorant man or woman will hurt you.  This to some point is all banks with the exception of the bank of your Government.  Hopefully they are the smartest of them all.  Easy money is never easy it has its costs.  I’m the terrible person I get you interested and then tell you , you will never pay the cost of my attention.  I am also the smartest man in the universe.  The universe is very stupid so this is easy.  Buy your book.  I don’t want to be the next murder suspect because I was yet again murdered for being too interesting and incapable of learning my wealth.

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