What makes Surrey, BC the murder capital of North America?

I know how this sounds awful right. But there is just the perfect storm of reasons why surrey, bc canada has the highest amounts of murder suspects in all of North America. I am not a criminal investigator or participate in investigations but I do study trends and statistics of crime on occasion. I have been the recent victim of many crimes lately resulting in the lost of thousands of dollars. What surrey needs is to sit down and read a good novel by J.D. Robb brotherhood in death.  By making this obvious I had hoped that the people responsible for their lack of care and hurtful ways would change. Unfortunately I am starting to realize that this is in fact impossible. People can get stuck in there ways and believe that their current actions need repeating to acquire the most money. I am not suggesting that the government is the most honest either or the worst but they have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines. Continue reading “What makes Surrey, BC the murder capital of North America?” »