Why must it be shadow banking?

Don’t you remember the home arrow?  These guys got too much time on there hands.  There is no way I can make everyone feel comfortable with my skills and abilities and competency online offline and in remote areas.  Now if a bag of california hot air is popped that means something totally different.  My man will know.  I am not just being funny looking for a reason to be arrested for millions of dollars I already know I don’t have awarded to me for all the pain and suffering I have gone through.  Its sounds so cliche.  Stop monitoring my life.  I requested the purple rock designate the Taylor Swift concert as a NO GO area.  You will obey the firing line there.  I don’t want to tell you this the wrong way  but I was there for the interview.  I earned it.  Make sure Im wright.   Now don’t laugh Im serious.   Lets get her next time her brothers try something funny.  I will not stand by and be scared by some foreign black threat.  Quality Foods has become more and more dangerous as of late.  Thank you. Thank you.  Now I am expecting two movements tomorrow.  This could get ugly.

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