Branding the perfect photo of colectivo

The collective sometimes like to brand people for life with things.  People that have a easy way of life tend to be meek I think the comment itself seems to aggravate women.  Women want the ideal man,  that can look after them and remain quiet and secure with themselves.  Women are attracted to men that are the perfect colectivo.

Why can you imagine the special privileges one would have in jail like some famous pop start’s.  I hate talking to myself all day long and trying to look powerful and intelligent while being judged by someone desperate to ruin a good thing.  Again women seem to be at the root of this problem.  I feel branded.  I feel I have been wrongfully branded a colectivo.

There is no way of branding colectivo to look like a colectivo and I would love to give you a most current picture of colectivo.  Here is photos of colectivo and current images for Today Dec, 30th 2015 when colectivo was last seen.  This is a photo of colectivo.  Police All points bulletin out on colectivo who once actually took his paycheck which is rare in 85 years.  This is not just some person of low intelligence trying to cause problems for someone that is the best in the world at identifying colectivo.  Famous quotes.

” Why sometimes I drink with colectivo he cuddled me I was disgusted that he really knew who I was, I then offered him a cigarette and my vagina.  He didn’t take the giant vagina yet due to the inverted uterus and his incredibly large penis which makes sex uncomfortable.  Stop dating colectivo if I can’t have him no one will. “

Colectivo has a job in collections which the lowest of the low get to throw around lots of money and work with pop start’s.  She did and ran away it happens every time she lies.  It smells in there and I am not going back.  Keep the change.  Your welcome.  You were stupid for trying to arrest me and try to make this 999,999,999,999 trillion dollars real.  There is not enough money in the world to work with colectivo.  Thank god my savings still has that multiple on it.

Honey wherever you are, stop screwing me over with your cop boyfriends.  Whoever you are.  P.S.  If you want to look at the equipment you better bring the alcohol I left your family first.  It’s on the road.  Now do you know colectivo or not.  Police have a habit of trying to work at banks and monitoring numbers and accounts please punch FINTRAC in the face for me.  Thank-you.  How would you like to lie?  I thought he said lie.  It seems I have been hurt by a foolish people the past week.