I'm tired of posting behind the church in Union Bay, BC

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It’s cold and I am huddled up here with a blanky.  Its just horrific conditions.  Worst DNS-OP I have ever had.  She makes me do just awful things.  The most stupid things too.  They just make no sense.  If anyone finds out this is how I make my real money they would laugh at me.  Any way its cold out here and I am not just making stuff up to sound interesting.  I have a Mellpits50 wifi repeater and a burnsbush22 certified WIFI device.  Its not like I am getting so popular it’s going to put everyone to sleep if I keep making people laugh.   Anyway that’s the goal.  I did.   I’m still trying to make more money.  I can’t believe she makes me do all these .GA updates.  Well a dollar is a dollar I guess.  It’s not going to break the bank.  After all with all the money I make in royalties I think this really is the icing on the cake.

How could anyone take me serious as a international spy.  And what kind of idiot would use the password internet for their password on a wifi device.  I really cant believe how stupid some of these people are.  Why even have a password.  More Blackbox’s seem to be popping up all over the Union Bay, BC area.  How much secret data could Kelsey be hiding.  More to come.  Stay Tuned.  Update –  Nothing Apparently she moved due to some guy lurking creepily behind her place.  Noted.  Does he look like he dates penny on Big Bang Theory.  Correct.  Creepy I agree.

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