Behavioral control psychology and profilers is it enough

Nowhere Near Perfect Door Crasher Special.

Don’t let being right get in your way of doing what’s wrong because it’s easier.  Psychological is the first step in profiling a prospective serial do gooder.  Everyone is guilty until proven innocent if you ask the BC Access centre.  You have to make sure you’re scaring the right people.  Like for instance if your internet company set up something to interfere with your emails or give you hardware that collects personal information make sure you assess the correct person.  Now who is this person with defiant illegal hardware setup.  I am suggesting that this happens from time to time because certain people just can’t get enough of spying, stealing, or harassing a person.  You can’t just keep assessing blame to a person because someone keeps comparing themselves to yourself.  Whether a person is better or worst than yourself is meaningless.  God loves all his creatures equally except when you hear his true voice tell you one of us is better than another.  Omg do you believe me?  I’m kidding can you believe people that think they hear God.  Omg those bible thumpers are back.
However people blame people all the time.  The worst case of this is people that go to war for the most foolish things like disputes over land and wealth.  Yet this seems to be the problem.  People love to blame the government for things.  Someone has to be responsible.  After all the government is there too govern us.  Exactly , the very word is that  keep for yourself and make sure you only give out a little bit ie. to govern.  Alas this is the feeling we all hate.  Knowing someone gets allot yet you get a little and hence the comparison.  Yet it happens all the time.  Employees compare themselves to other employees all the time and try to assess worth.  People want raises,  people want recognition, the people want allot sometimes.  In the worst situation no matter what is right or wrong the government will always be there to blame.  I hate blaming people.  I just want what everyone else wants a better life.
No one wants to be a leech.  We all want to feel important and give our lives meaning.  Greedy people always want more and they are easy to see.  Judge not lest ye be judged.  Yet that’s a job.  Stop me if you think I am already beating a dead dog here.  People are pissed off?  People don’t even know who I am obviously.  Getting rich off books never happens in reality but because everyone perceives best sellers as being rich everyone assumes they are.  Corporations can be the greedy ones too not just people.  I mean everyone has watched shark tank right.
Heaven forbid I be psychologically profiled but would you guys agree I have gone through enough celebrity traps.  Those vultures will do anything to steal a personals soul bottle it and sell it for a percentage of the profit.  Don’t insult anyone unless your a billionaire right.  Don’t let me get you down though I’m nothing but sunshine and lollipops.  Don’t ever fall victim to the evil government’s tactics like annoying you with there lives, angering you with inability to take action or, or delaying you to death.  Remember all the evil government wants you to do is die so they can get you out of the way so they can get your money and do less.   The evil government is evil.  Don’t tell anyone I’m government your just angry cuz I’m better at it.  There I go I lied again the evil government can’t even lie properly don’t trust the government.  Trust me!  No don’t trust me!  Give me your trust!  No give me your love.  All of it!  Spare no expense.  And lastly if I forgot anyone I love you Sara.  Just kidding!  Make sure she stops stalking me btw.
P.S.  I’m still waiting behind the church for my present don’t let me down I’m the best mind reader in north america I know what you did!  You know who you are!

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