D-Wave $15 million dollar quantum computer shatters speed tests


D-Wave displays its $15 Million Dollar Quantum Computer built by a B.C. company for NASA.   This device was purchased in 2013 by a joint Google-Nasa operation to do complicated quantum mechanics.  This particular Quantum computer will be used for air traffic control and gathering weather satellite data.  I think we all know where I’m going in Burnaby, BC.  Either way its very impressive I should of bought two that way when I come back I can set one up at home again.  Any way for the first time NASA is giving us a sneak peak at this forgive me for my jokes.  I do not own this thing.

However I was looking at a interesting blackbox I had my eye on for 128 million last week.   It’s just not going to happen for me though I just ain’t got the dough man I ain’t got the dough.  I wish NASA and GOOGLE would stop showing their wealth off already its starting to really upset people in the micro computing world.  Im not talking about myself Im talking about D-Wave.  But if you spend $15 million on a personal computer it should be called dumb wave.  Which I do when I pass people I know sometimes I do a dumb wave and thats got nothing to do with this.  Im friggin jealous of myself here I think.  Someone for god sakes keep my ego in check.   No seriously wheres my check.  Although I keep hearing everyone tell me the same thing slow down already, relax never mind,  we can take care of this.  Yeah I know but wouldn’t it be so much better if the most important persons original works had control over them.  Same old Same old.  Never mind.  I’m a victim of my own advice try and not be important, yes it would appear I said that.  Sure enough it’s another (BLACKBOX) I like sun javas better.  And it has neat shock absorbs and can withstand blasts and vibrations.

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