Another Blackbox found in the Driftwood Mall Courtenay, BC

BlackBox phenatic

Blackbox’s are turning up all over the place of late reports ” Tiny Blonde Technologies ” she keeps ripping tearing and sucking data from all over.  There is no stopping one of the newest members to the illusive black box trend taking over Vancouver Island, BC.   ” Blackbox’s are gosh darnit devouring my bandwidth claimed merville resident Sarah Sower. ”  There is no way stopping them.  ” A blackbox took my JOB! ”  exclaimed Mildred Honeycut.  A disgruntled ex shaw cable employee hell bent on capturing the other 7000 ips vs 4000 in the standard pool.   ” They are just taking over the God dam BELL CENTRE in SURREY pronounced Rashish Horsefloppy.”  As you can clearly see there is no stopping the spying madness.  As blackbox’s continue to freak BlackBoxanyone and everyone that defy rural broadband customers high speed access.  The backbone has gone too far this time exclaimed one of PSY’s old band members I am scared to go out at night for fear of retaliation.  And finally,  ” I’m coming either way shouted Katy Mcnaughty screw the blackbox “.  Widespread confusion and panic has been taking over the Comox Valley, BC as multiple threats have been recorded of blackbox’s throwing people through plate glass windows in pool halls.  More on these events are coming in from the EU at this time but as usual the blackbox’s are ignoring the DATA.  Stay tuned.  Some black creek residents are scared to wash there motorhomes due to these current threats.  We are monitoring Yahoo News 7 for more data on the problem.
One thing is clear everyone so far seems to want the blackbox to go. Yet for some reason blackbox’s seem to think that everyone should grow up and pay the blackbox millions in compensation for the abuse and ridicule.  Mostly the blackbox’s want the uneducated to understand the internet.  So far not much luck.

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