Where the BLACKBOX is can only be a mystery.  Many top secret locations said to be originating from the have been said to have these such devices.  You have probably all heard of Satan Inside and other devices that have have been similar to these.  The Indian version or BLUEBOX is said to be the Dubai equivalent to these devices.
” It must be some sort of Clandestined event. ” said Rob McQuearsan of the Oklahoma gazette.

Tiny Blonde Technologies
Tiny Blonde Technologies

No one seems to know anyone at these top secret locations and everyone seems to just disappear and the devices never recovered.  No intelligent life could possibly have one of these such devices.  Obviously all the rumours about the BLACKBOX possibly being purchased by tiny blonde targeting systems could only be a scare tactic.  Typically BLACKBOX devices have been know to brag about their auto hacking features that scrape the net isolate and basically digest all information it comes across.  This is no laughing matter Dr. Evilannolinaoy stated as she feared for her life ones as one attacked her data once.  ” It was like someone took a big stick and slammed my computer on the Melon, the platters on the hard-drive rattled like a machine gun.  I was terrified. –  Rumored to have a similar device. The Tiny Blonde Technologies perhaps could have been a bell or telus hook tool that might need tweaking.
Blackbox Technologies originally was a Military Term used to describe a advanced hacking device that used its intelligence gathering to FREAK out or scare the unsuspecting victims.  Some very interesting stuff.
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