ISIL Fighting and Potentionaly making some gains

The new defense minister Harjit Sajjan is under the gun for some comments regarding the withdrawal of a CF-18. Why don’t they just send 1 of the 6 F-35’s I personally own based in Edmonton, AB says comedian Kevin Katovic. Surely I can scramble more than one a year out of Sweden, Hell I bet Tove Lo has more CF-18’s out of Lisbon than the Canadian Military. I’m not just making up the news here. Obviously I don’t have 128 Billion dollars at my disposal and the world is just unable to comprehend that. Again Kevin Katovic continued to go on and on about some of his contacts at the UN, various other Dubai shadowy black ops agents with shadow banking firms all over North America. This is where everyone comes to laugh no one expects the news out of Victoria on Yahoo to be accurate. Or do they! Wheres my burger. She usually eats my fries at McDonald’s not that I’m bragging.
You’ll never understand buy the books.

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