Google Loves Content just write about what you know

Write about what you love doing eventually your popularity will rise and you will reap the rewards.  God provides all his children that work hard to better themselves.   Why it even says in the Bible be fruitful and multiply my children.  God wants us all to be happy healthy individuals.  (He did)  He had to everyday.
I love what I do.  I love every moment of my life I know God loves me and God wants the best for me in life.  There isn’t some Global or North American conspiracy to prevent my financial gain.  And I proved that easily God allowed me to be as successful as I already am today because I earned it.  I kept writing and writing until my popularity just didn’t sort of happen one day it grew slowly over time.  I don’t expect you other celebrities to just become famous overnight you have to really work at it.  Content Content Content.  Google loves it.  God said in Romans 3:22 “Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:” which I interpret as being all men and woman are created equal.  I hope this helps you understand and pray with me.  Pray with me I pray every night.  Its what I do.  I pray.50 Shades of Pay that is which is available online!  Please pick up a copy you will love it.


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