After 20 years looking for work know when to give up

Never lose hope in the Comox Valley, BC.   After 20 years of looking for work you can only imagine what will happen is you eventually are hired at one of these places as a persecuted man over 30.  The system is flawless like I said before.  Even Africa feels sorry for most the men here still looking.  Expect big things from me.  I have been self employed many times I know all about the struggle from hand to mouth.  Its why I wrote books to subsidize my income.  It was a great idea.  I can benefit from my popularity and all my experiences in life.  There is no one else in life that can profit from a person’s own popularity other than themselves.
At some point though you wonder if others get so sick of making money off of someone else’s talent they try and sue or jail a person.  You know the wrestling industry from what I hear is allot like this.  I chose self employment its not like if your the best at something your going to be attacked Globally simply because your really good at something and people choose to pay themselves.  What kind of idiot would you have to be to think your the best in the world at something anyway.  I am sure there are hundreds of people that can do the exact same thing I can.  Bragging is the best way to lose your job I found.   I mention that in my first book.  The best way to keep your job is to never be noticed never draw attention to yourself and be the worst at everything.  If you follow these rules you can stick around at something for years.  Learn from my experiences.  Otherwise you run out of options the time you reach 40 after all its not like plus500 will ban all traders in canada because they will lose a fortune paying the best traders in the world.   Any way I will keep entertaining as long as I can but I have to put this Laptop down I’m right now just finishing my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato at the Denver International Airport.

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