Internet Services in Canada Rural BC

I have been still waiting on a list to get high speed internet in the Union Bay, BC area. I realize there are over 200 canadian Internet service providers according to yet none of these guys say they can deliver internet. Lately I been using wifi at public hotspots and its really getting frustrating. I keep getting promises and silly boys and girls telling me they can provide service and fail to deliver. I keep getting harrased by these people it just blows my mind how a company like nucleus for instance will send a modem and make you wait weeks and never turn on the internet. I had more bad experience after bad experience waiting for people to provide internet like that keep you waiting and fail to deliver. In some cases sending the modem takes the cake. Why would someone send a modem if they had no intention of turning the internet on. It really is annoying. Why do these dsl companies keep doing this. Its like they are all children sending you emails and talking on the phone for hours and never actually give you internet. I keep realizing that it seems like all these ” DSL COMPANIES ” seem to be hiding from us. Why is this a company in the first place.
I have tried being reasonable but over and over again its like all these internet providers want to do is spy on me.  They really have no idea how to provide the service or do anything other than annoy me and set up a tier above me to monitor my data.  I have to have more patience than Ghandi it seems to me to wait and wait for someone to pretend they are something they are not.   What I need is a tech that can energize lines for Telus equipment or bc tel ect not some tech that just waits at a pc for a port to be forwarded to him or her so they can spy on me in another way.  This process has to become easier.  I can’t believe these companies behave so ignorantly as well.  As soon as you talk about port forwarding you hit a Dsl Companiesbrick wall and they become hateful sad little people.  I just don’t get it how can you deliver internet services to a community and never understand how to build the internet.  Just ask shaw and telus I suppose.   From my understanding nucleus uses the shaw infrastructure and seem to be irritated that they do stupid things for telus there.  I see vica versa too but what seems most obvious is that I will never have internet and have to post from wifi locations throughout Canada.  Why don’t these guys and gals ever grow up?  A man usually can’t do a job very long when the very job itself is ignorant and doing stupid things for money and actually believe what they do actually does something somewhere else.  It just amazes me.  It really does.

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