Who is Nicola Webb?

Hey did you know my sister owns all kinds of assets?   We all wonder who people are from time to time you know just another one of those naked traditions.  Stuff nobody knows or nobody understands where we take pride in the worst of the worst and most intellectual of the bunch.  Money Laundering has always been a family tradition for some.  Some women become so wealthy they become dangerous.  Could this be one of these women?  No one likes you.  Perhaps this is the biggest go away you have ever heard.  Did you kill someone in Africa and just now break down and confess?  Was it something I said?  So many questions.  The mere mention of Nicola Webb’s name and sometimes you get severe reactions out of bankers all over the world from singapore to brazil.  I don’t think nicola webb google’s much, she seems pretty quiet and not very outspoken.

Did you ever shoot someone in a mud hut?   No I buried him myself in Africa and now because you know I’m hurting you in the worst way.   Wow exclaimed {current boyfriend afraid of dying a horrible death to a jealous angry woman} .  Stop writing stories Nicola Webb exclaimed to her boyfriend she wanted to blame on check fraud she cleared to cover her tracks.

Some women are dangerous.  This I believe is one of those woman.  That their lives alone bring turmoil to all men caught being brave enough to engage in a relationship with her.  I think I nailed this one Nicola Webb.  When women want to hurt a man passively with wealth from a dark place to get you hurt bad is sometimes the way they hurt you.  Passive aggressive behavior.  A smart move or a dumb woman either way its proven consistently to hurt men around her.  Sometimes when women want to hurt a man they do it with their lives.  Its the lowest form of selfishness and spitefulness.  Why do women hurt good men?  I am also sure Nicola Webb doesn’t talk in a stupid voice to disguise her real one.  That Nicola would be retarded,  obviously you couldn’t keep a job with the RCMP if you were a retarded money launderer.   After all that’s sang lam job!  Welcome aboard!

Document Name Access In Custody Year Of Birth
51249-1-S LAM, SANG 1 Y 1

He seemed alright to me and I know I met him.  🙂

Amount of Payment Due see appendix telus one day installs with no port forwarding
Any information inclosed in the document will result in perjury if the 1 trillion dollars for the book is not paid cash.
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Service Fee: $6.00