How to hack bitcoin the un-hackable blockchain

How to Hack Bitcoin
How to Hack Bitcoin

The Complete idiots Guide on how to hack the Bitcoin BlockChain.  So its simple to become the fastest computer in the network isn’t it?   First your going to have to ask yourself is there checks and balances that prevent you from solving a bitcoin block too fast?  Simple answer is there is Bitcoin itself can be a bit of a asshat when you become the fastest computer in the network blocking your computer for about 3-4 hours even at times making it impossible to solve a block.  Why even try?  Just kill yourself….

I guess there is no point in this when PPLNS RBPPS PPS P2POOL PROP SOLO FPPS all compete over the most stupid way to make this impossible and steal your bitcoin when you stop mining.  Perhaps that’s why people try to Hack the blockchain.  If you keep setting up stupid ways to delay payment maybe you are a woman.  To be honest I am kind of sick of waiting for the pool to pay out properly when the fees to keep the rental going are ridiculous.  According to the majority of bitcoin solutions it only costs $400 to solve a 12.5 block of bitcoin in Brazil.  Its too bad I don’t live in Brazil.

This is a sure fire way to hack bitcoin and become $50,000 Dollars richer.  Your going to need lots of TIN FOIL, BLACK PEPPER, OLIVE OIL, TUNA, LEMON GRASS, A LOAF OF WHITE BREAD.  Ok now your going to have to go to walmart and buy this lets face it we surrendered a long time ago.test  If you work for a Canadian company and your America chances are your a bit off already.  Why is everyone so rude to me when I go drinking in Calgary, AB Canada?  Now the Budweiser Van at the stampede was really the coolest little place ever.  When was the last time you dumped your motorcycle is clearly posted here.  Besides whats this got to do with hooters.  Oh yeah and don’t mine with obviously there a bunch of scamming idiots so stay away from anything official.

Any that’s all you need to do to generate all the free bitcoin you need.